Deck of Wonders

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Can you out-play Fate?
Designer Dennis Furia
Year 2020
Number of Players 1-2
Time 10-30 Min
Ages 13+
Mechanics Deck Construction, Hand Management, Legacy
Theme Will You Tempt Fate
Game Video

Deck of Wonders is a solo (and co-op) tactical card game where Fate herself has stacked the deck against you. It captures the feel of classic TCGs, but in a solitaire format that evolves as you play! In Deck of Wonders you'll summon minions, cast spells, and battle Villains as you try to stay one step ahead of Fate.


  • Every Villain you battle has unique rules, cards, and unlockables.
  • You and the Villain draw from the same deck, and every card behaves differently when drawn by you vs when drawn by the Villain.
  • Deep strategic gameplay and evolving campaign story, but the deck can fit in your pocket and the footprint is small enough to play on an airplane seat-back tray!


  • Over 200 game cards:
    • 84 Card Deck of Wonders Base Collection
    • 3 VillainCards, each including unique powers, stories and unlockables
    • 9 unlockable Legacy Packs with new cards, new powers, and new stories
  • Rulebook
  • Sticker Sheet