Cypher System: Expanded Worlds

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Where will your Cypher System campaign take you?

A Cypher System campaign of Victorian horror? High fantasy? Espionage? Galaxy-spanning space opera? With the Cypher System Rulebook, running any of those is as easy as running or playing The Strange or Numenera. And now, with Expanded Worlds, players and GMs of the Cypher System have even more options for characters and campaigns.

Expanded Worlds builds on the genre rules and advice in the Cypher System Rulebook, with specific sections on post-apocalyptic,mythological, fairytale, historical, childhood, noir, and hard sci-fi games, plus loads more. Every Cypher System fan is going to want this book!

  • Oodles of new descriptors, foci, and other character options make it a must-have for players of any Cypher System game—including Numenera and The Strange.
  • Rules, equipment, and advice for eight genres and campaign styles.
  • New equipment, creatures, cyphers, and NPCs for any Cypher System campaign.
  • If you’re running Cypher Play in your store, this is a great purchase for players looking to spend their coupons late in Season 2.
  • With the launch of the Torment: Tides of Numenera CRPG in early 2017, Numenera is going to be hot-hot-hot. Gamers will want to know what else you have for the Cypher System—and this title is a perfect answer!