Wooden Card and Dice Storage Box - 1 Drawer Brown

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A well organized session makes for a smoother experience for everyone. Use this storage box to organize your dice and cards!

Sleek and rustic, this storage box is as beautiful as it is useful. It's drawer holds about 4 full 7 piece dice sets, and the card compartment holds about 4 standard card decks. A magnetic lid helps keep your cards protected and organized. This product is a great way to organize your TTRPG items. Leave your extra spellbook cards at home, or bring it with you to have access to all your dice! Either way, this storage box will improve your gaming experience. Laser cut form birch, this product is light weight and well made - right here in Edmonton!


Please note that while we take every effort to ensure that wooden products are handled with care, due to the soft nature of wood, some scuffs and blemishes are common. As such, ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

Proudly supporting local Alberta businesses.

Please note that because this is wood and stain, colors may not be exactly as pictured.