Chop Chop

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The cat wants to eat the mice and the mice want to eat the cheeses... Will the cat or the mouse make the biggest shambles of the kitchen?
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Designer Alexandre Droit
Year 2017
Number of Players 2-5
Time 15 Min
Ages 6+
Mechanics Cooperative Game, Dice Rolling, Grid Movement, Set Collection
Theme A Game of Cat and Mouse
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A semi -cooperative strategy game for mice players: One player plays the cat, the others, the mice. Alternately, one mouse plays, and then the cat. The mice need to collect ten pieces of cheese, whilst the cat tries to catch the four mice. On your turn, roll the dice, move forward the corresponding number of squares, and turn over the tile of the square you land on. Then carry out the action indicated on the tile (cheese, broken plate, +1, +2, a Super Move, etc.). If a mouse turns up a piece of cheese, it can keep it. If the cat lands right on the square where a mouse is sitting, it catches it!