Castle Barracks Miniature Terrain Collection

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This pre-painted set is meant to represent the bunkhouse for 6 guards, perfect for a ruined keep or a bustling guard house.
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WizKids’ 4D Settings include a comprehensive assortment of high-quality, meticulous miniatures that make up a location or scene. Most current terrain or setting miniatures are static, single pieces. They may have a door but offer little in the way of interactivity. WizKids’ 4D Settings create interesting play experiences and help game masters create new scenarios with their dynamic nature. They include interactive elements like LED lights and hidden elements like trap doors and secret compartments. These props help create while also pushing players to think about how to interact with their environment in ways that wouldn’t happen with many current products or in theater-of-the-mind style play. A 4D Settings is meant to serve as a perfect backdrop to complement the PC and NPC figures players already own.

All come pre-painted or pre-primed and usable right out of the box! GMs have more time for building encounters and creating memorable gaming moments since they won’t spend hours curating minis in preparation for the game, gluing pieces together, or priming.  

Competitively priced! As with their unpainted minis, WizKids is betting big on keeping 4D Settings accessible. Prices are expected to range between $29.99 for smaller sets to $89.99 for large sets.

Complete scenes! Need an idea for tonight’s session? Browse the shelf at your FLGS for a box to inspire you.

Reusability! The more you have, the more stories you can tell!

Real, working functionalityThese versatile products will help inspire the campaign by allowing players and GMs to explore more creative gameplay strategies.