Can't Stop (2nd Edition)

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Cant’ Stop is a press your luck game!
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Designer Sid Sackson
Year 2021
Number of Players 2-4 Players
Time 30 Minutes
Ages 9+
Mechanics Dice Rolling, Push Your Luck
Game Video
Cant’ Stop is a “press your luck game” with 3 simple steps:
  • Roll the 4 dice to make 2 pairs
    • Advance your markers up the number columns according to your rolls
      • Be the first to make it to the top of 3 columns and you win!
Players can keep rolling dice as long as they can advance a marker. If they can’t, they lose all of their progress made on that turn! Everyone likes to keep rolling again and again.
They can’t stop! Can you?

Game Components:
- 1 Can't Stop Neoprene Game Mat (317mm x 317mm)
- 4 Translucent Red Dice
- 3 White Runner Markers
- 44 Player Markers (11 of each color)
This new version of Can't Stop has a Neoprene Mat and Wooden Markers instead of a plastic board and cones.