Battletech: Alpha Strike Clan Invasion Cards

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Dry erase cards for mechs in Battletech: Alpha Strike.
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Designer Ray Arrastia, Brent Evans, Joshua Franklin
Year 2020
Number of Players 2
Time 240-480 Minutes
Ages 10+
Mechanics Campaign Driven, Dice Rolling, Line of Site, Measurement Movement,
Theme Science Fiction
Game Video

Alpha Strike is BattleTech’s fast-playing game of armored combat. Alpha Strike Clan Invasion Cards contains the ‘Mech Units that sprung from the distant Periphery to terrorize the Inner Sphere and ‘Mechs designed to repel them. Full-color, poker sized, and laminated for dry-erase use, you just need miniatures and dice and you’ll be battling for control of mankind’s tenuous future.

  • 98 double-sided, dry-erase cards expand players’ available ‘Mech roster.
  • 10 double-sided combat command cards include special rules to play units of renown from BattleTech lore.
  • Includes all the ‘Mechs from Technical Readout: Clan Invasion