Bargain Quest: Brick & Mortar Expansion

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Brick & Mortar is an expansion for Bargain Quest that lets the shopkeepers engage in direct competition during special Shopping Events!
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Year 2023
Number of Players 2-6
Expansion For Bargain Quest
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 It's time to wage war against your rivals alongside new heroes, items, and employees in the thrilling Retail Rumble game mode!

Whether it's a Trebuchet Launch Party or the dreaded Blackguard Friday, the only monster in this mercenary marketplace is YOU.


Expansion: Requires Bargain Quest to play.



  • Expansion for Bargain Quest.   Base game required to play.
  • Introduces Event cards depicting various chaotic shopping events that occur throughout the year!
  • New Retail Rumble game mode, which has shops battling directly in an all-out turf war!
  • New shop boards, employees and items that can be used in any game mode


  • 22 Item Cards
  • 12 Shopping Event Cards
  • 10 Heroes
  • 9 Employee Cards
  • 2 Shop Boards
  • 1 Rulebook