Astro Knights: The Orion System Expansion

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You thought it was over when you defeated the last boss? Silly human, there's always worse out there. Can you defend the system from them?
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Designer Nick Little (I), Will Sobel
Year 2023
Number of Players 1-4 Players
Expansion For Astro Knights
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Astro Knights, The Orion System is an expansion for Astro Knights. Each stretch goal from the Kickstarter is collected in this expansion, providing more fuel, tech, and weapon cards with which to power your game!

Defend the Orion System from the Fission Parasite in this small expansion for Astro Knights!

1 new Boss, Fission Parasite
2 new Knights, Alexios and Deleth
1 new Homeworld, Orion III
8 new Market Cards