Aliens Get Away From Her You B***h Expansion

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Expand the number of challenges you face from xenomorphs.
Designer Andrew Haught
Year 2020
Number of Players 1-9
Time 30-120 Minutes
Ages 12+
Mechanics Cooperative Game
Theme Science Fiction
Game Video

You’ve had your first encounter with these bugs, but now you’ve got to find a way off this rock. It’ll be 17 days before any rescue mission is called, and you’ll be lucky to survive 17 hours!

• New campaign missions spanning the Queen’s Lair, Landing Platform, and the U.S.S. SULACO.
• Expanded campaign missions from Another Glorious Day in the Corps, adding new paths and threats.
• Suit up! Load your Characters into a P- 5000 Power Loader to help them fight for their survival.
• Play as the Hive. Control the Xeno-morph horde and protect the Queen.
For ages 14 and up.

Box Contains:
• 1 Rulebook
• 4 Double-Sided Game Boards
• 5 Plastic Miniatures
• 31 Willpower Cards
• 6 Hive Hazard Cards
• 1 Card Dock
• 2 Character Cards
• 25 Motion Tracker Cards
• 25 Endurance Cards
• 11 Mission Cards
• 3 Dials
• 65 Tokens