Adventures of Robin Hood - Friar Tuck in Danger Expansion

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Friar Tuck has arrived to help Robin Hood with assisting King Richard. However, mysterious bandits have also arrived to cause havoc. Can you save the King from this new threat?
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Designer Michael Menzel
Year 2023
Number of Players 2-4 players
Expansion For Adventures of Robin Hood
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New adventures await Robin Hood and his companions following King Richard’s return. Friar Tuck arrives to aid their tasks with his special skills. But suddenly the west of Nottinghamshire is attacked by strange warriors ... and old adversaries will once again be bitter enemies. Can Robin Hood and his friends save King Richard one more time? This expansion contains four new adventures over an even larger gameboard, upon which there is much to be discovered. 

  • Cooperative, story-based expansion game
  • Work with Friar Tuck to find King Richard’s missing crown and prove that he is the true king
  • Highly interactive and immersive storyline makes you feel like part of this classic tale
  • Innovative mechanic allows players to move freely around the board