9 Lives

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9 Lives is a trick-taking game where players compete to earn the most points.
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Designer 新澤 大樹 (Taiki Shinzawa)
Number of Players 3-4
Time 20-30 Min
Ages 10+
Mechanics Trick-taking
Theme Animals, Card Game
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The game uses 3-4 suits which show the color of the cards on the rear. Players make bids of if they will win 1-6 tricks, and can bid exactly or a range. Each number may only be bid up to two times. Points are earned when a player hits their bid and lost if they miss it. The game is "must follow" with a fixed trump suit. The winner of a trick also takes one of the cards played to the trick other than theirs to place in their hand. The game ends after either 4 rounds or a player has earned 9 points, and the player with the most points wins.