7 Piece Dwarven RPG Dice Set -

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Hailing from the depths of the caverns and mines rises an ancestral design in the colors of new clans.

It’s here to give you tools for victory through honest labor or brute force at your will. Re-discover the Dwarven Dice in a Modern way, with the trusted symbols of dwarven battle axes and geometrical patterns. Now, in a shimmering-red material infused with glitter dust and golden engravings.

Q WORKSHOP has the honor to present the Dwarven Dice, paragons of ancient design long-awaited to return in strength.

The color theme of this dice set is a shimmering-red material (infused with glitter dust), and golden engravings.

This set consists of 7 solid pieces: D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, D100, and Modern D4.

The design shows dwarven battle axes and geometrical patterns next to aged rune-like digits.

The Dwarven Dice Sets are skillfully designed and meticulously manufactured by professional runesmiths in deep caverns of Poland, EU.