3D Labyrinth

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3D labyrinth adds another layer to this classic game! Climb up towers or slide down into pits to find your next treasure!
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Designer Michael Feldkötter
Year 2019
Number of Players 2–4 Players
Time 20–30 Min
Ages 7+
Mechanics Modular Board Network and Route Building Point to Point Movement
Theme Children's Game Maze Puzzle
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This 3D version introduces another dimension to Labyrinth’s classic gameplay. Players can now move up and down as they climb soaring towers and delve into the deepest dungeons of a castle in search of treasure. Special cards cast powerful spells to teleport players and shift the maze in the players’ favor. Whoever collects their treasure first wins in this new contest of minds and magic.


1x Game Board, 26x Towers, 4x Playing Pieces, 12x Treasure Cards, 4x Rune Stones, 24x Spell Cards