22mm Loyalty Dice Set for Magic: The Gathering

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Designed for those born with the spark of a Planeswalker, these are the perfect way to keep track of your loyalty counters.

Measuring 22MM, each Loyalty Die is more significant than most D6 improving visibility, while their rounded corners allow the dice to roll further for better randomization and protects delicate table surfaces from dents or marks, making them perfect for other tabletop games as well! Each set includes 4 Loyalty Dice in either White, Blue, Black, Red or Green Mana styles.

  • Each pack includes four (4) six-sided Loyalty Dice and a reusable storage box
  • Great for use with a wide variety of tabletop games!
  • Large size (22mm) for improved visibility over standard D6.
  • Rounded corners - great for rolling and easy to use
  • Officially licensed dice are available in White, Blue, Black, Red or Green Mana styles.