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A graphic novel adventure for 1-4 players.
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Designer Emmanuel Quaireau
Year 2022
Number of Players 1-4
Time 45-50 Min
Ages 13+
Mechanics Cooperative, Game Deduction
Theme Adventure, Comic Book / Strip, Science Fiction
Game Video

Work cooperatively to protect the Solax Corporation and their futuristic tech! 

The world has changed from the one we know today. We have made alien contact, cyborgs walk among us, but the threat of secret organizations bent on controlling the world is as old as time itself. In 2070 you belong to an elite team, hired to protect the Solax Corporation and its top secret experiments.

You are contracted to solve a treacherous theft, and while your group is the best there is, the clock is ticking. Assemble your team, and race to save the day, traveling through the backdrop of a vibrant futuristic Italy. Can you return the stolen goods in time? In 2070 teamwork is critical: you will overcome obstacles, solve puzzles and meet challenges as a unit or in solo game play. Everyone wins or loses together!