1000 pcs - Jan van Haasteren: Jumbo Goes Shopping

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Jumbo the elephant has decided to go shopping, he needs to get a few things on his shopping list, so naturally they have headed to the local supermarket.
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Cut Style Ribbon Cut
Piece Size Standard Size
Assembled Size 49cm x 68cm
Artist Jan van Haaasteren

Elephants and supermarkets don’t mix very well and poor old Jumbo has left a trail of destruction in their path… accidentally of course! Cars have collided, passers by are in shock and there’s a large Elephant shaped hole in the wall!

A Jan van Haasteren puzzle is so much more than just a puzzle, it’s an adventure series with familiar characters playing the lead roles in a never-ending decor full of absurd details. Discover the crazy adventures of the Jan van Haasteren family!