1000 pcs - Farmyard Folly (Doodle Town)

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Not exactly something that you would like to see if you were to go to a farm! There's so much going on that you will be finding hidden secrets well after you are done with the puzzle!
Cut Style Random Cut
Piece Size Standard Size
Assembled Size 49cm x 68cm
Artist Dave Whamond

DoodleTown: Farmyard Folly is exactly what you hope not to see on your land if you're a farmer! It's chaos everywhere as horses hang out in hot air balloons, mice ski off rooftops, and pigs bathe in the back of a truck! It's full on mayhem, which makes it fun for the puzzler, and frustrating for the farmer.

Cobble Hill crafts all their puzzles with the finest inks & varnishes, on linen textured paper, premium grade blue board using 100% recycled chipboard. Made in the USA. Also includes a 22cm x 30cm poster.