1000 pcs - Disney Castle Collection: Belle

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This classic is a favorite among many Disney fans. Now you can complete this puzzle and see for yourself what the castle layout looks like!
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Cut Style Ribbon Cut
Piece Size Standard Size
Assembled Size 50cm x 70cm
Artist Disney

Imagine stepping into the enchanted castle and enjoy captivating hours of relaxing fun with our “Disney Castles: Belle”!

In Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, once a selfish young prince, as punishment for his lack of kindness to the enchantress, the Beast and those in his castle are trapped by a spell. Sometime later, the forlorn Beast makes a bargain with Belle, who agrees to take her father’s place to let him go free him. Belle remains true to herself and learns to see the good in the Beast. With time running out, the Beast must learn to love before the last petal of the enchanted rose falls.

Build the Beast’s castle piece by piece to ensure hours of fun and a happy ending!