1000 pcs - Abandoned: Deserted Department Store

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No one has entered this department store for so long: the mannequins are stuck in the past and they are hoping that someone will come and update them. Are you brave enough to enter the store?
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Cut Style Ribbon Cut
Piece Size Standard Size
Assembled Size 70cm x 50cm
Artist Eduard

Part of Ravensburger's Abandoned Series, this “Deserted Department Store” has gone to the birds! With no customers since the early 1950s, the mannequins are stuck in a time-warp of fashion, when women almost always wore dresses. What a shame some of the beautiful stained-glass ceiling panels are broken and the pigeons have made themselves at home. Did you know, those hats marked at $5 would cost over $55 today? Where do you think an elevator ride would take you? Puzzle it out for hours of fun!