1000 pcs - Big Bay Lighthouse

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Take a visit down to Big Bay, Michigan to see this lighthouse B&B. With a reputation of being haunted, you may want to double check your bed before you crawl in!
Cut Style Ribbon Cut
Piece Size Standard Size
Assembled Size 48cm x 67cm
Artist Eurographics

The establishment of a station at Big Bay Point was recommended to the Lighthouse board in 1882 as follows: "The point occupies a position midway between Granite Island and Huron Islands, the distance in each case being 24 to 29 km. These two lights are invisible from each other and the intervening stretch is unlighted. A light and fog signal would be a protection to steamers passing between these points. Quite a number of vessels have in past years been wrecked on Big Bay Point".

Made with recycled material and with vegetable ink, this puzzle is so lifelike you swear you could hear the waves against the rocks!