Star Wars Legion: Gar Saxon Commander Expansion

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The ruthless Mandalorian warrior Gar Saxon blasts his way into Star Wars: Legion as a commander in Maul’s Shadow Collective!
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Gar Saxon's Combat shield card is missing from the box. This is a known issue by Atomic Mass Games and they have put the card rules up on their site for access (Link). The Fifth Trooper is also offering free prints of the card (Link)

Filled with a desire for power and dominance, Saxon gives players even more options for their Shadow Collective forces with his elite Mandalorian training. What’s more, three command cards represent the brute strength and underhanded tactics he’s willing to use to ensure victory. Finally, seven upgrade cards give players the chance to equip Saxon with an array of deadly weaponry, including his iconic Galar-90 rifle, jetpack rockets, and a ZX flame projector.