Songnario by Afinom Games & Entertainment

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Compete to find and perform the perfect song for various scenarios
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Designer Kevin Williams (II)
Year 2021
Number of Players 3+
Time 30-90 min
Ages 12+
Mechanics Acting, Dice Rolling, Player Judge, Singing, Turn Order: Progressive
Theme Card Game, Music, Party Game
Game Video N/A

Songnario is a music based card game that's designed to facilitate a good time with groups of friends and families .

Each round is a competition between you and the other players to find and play and/or perform a song that will, match the scenario of the card that was chosen blindly by the judge, fit into the chosen musical genre - randomly selected by a roll of a die, and also convince the judge(s) that your performance is the best.

The judges rotate after each round so everyone gets to play all aspects of the game. The goal is to win a predetermined number of cards to be declared the winner.