**PRE-ORDER** Expeditions: Gears of Corruption - Ironclad Edition

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Expected Release Date - July 26, 2024

Following a series of expeditions — some successful, others not — into the frigid Siberian tundra, corruption has spread from animals and people to a much larger threat.
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Designer Jamey Stegmaier
Year 2024
Number of Players 1-6
Expansion For Expeditions
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New heroes, better prepared than their predecessors, gather to face the prospect of a mechanical monster, but the changing landscape brings greater uncertainty as they explore Tunguska with fresh eyes.

The Gears of Corruption expansion to Expeditions adds elements of risk and danger in the form of secret bonuses on map tokens and a corrupted mech that roams the land. To counter these threats, the expansion offers 2 new mechs and 4 new character/companion pairs, as well as components for a 6th player. Gears of Corruption also accelerates early gameplay by giving players starting resources and a hero worker that can act as any type of worker.


The Gears of Corruption expansion is available in a standard version (plastic mechs and 1 plastic base snap) and an Ironclad Edition (metal mechs, 6 rubber base snaps to update the originals, and foil on the box). The expansion’s contents are all designed to fit into the original box insert.