Munchkin Gloom

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Shepherd your party through terrible travails and troublesome tribulations until, inevitably, they perish in pain. Let the most miserable fellowship win!
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Designer Keith Baker, Andrew Hackard, Steve Jackson
Year 2015
Number of Players 2-5
Time 60 min
Ages 13+
Mechanics Hand Management, Storytelling, Take That
Theme Card Game, Fantasy, Horror, Humor
Game Video N/A

Adventuring is hard work! It's not all stuffing gold coins into your bag of holding and making gourmet stew over an open fire. Munchkin Gloom tells the stories of the tragic heroes who couldn't kick down the door, discovered the duck of doom, and didn't live to tell the tale afterwards. Inevitably, these not-so-hardy adventurers will perish in pain, and isn't that fun? Find out in Munchkin Gloom.

  • Combines the dark comedy of Munchkin with the even darker comedy of Gloom.
  • Dark fantasy adventuring — Gloom style.
  • A standalone card game that is also compatible with Gloom second edition and expansions.

Munchkin Gloom can be played alone or combined with the Gloom second edition core game and any of its expansions.