Kemet: Ta-Seti Expansion

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The mysterious city of Ta-Seti has emerged to the south of Kemet; but the path to get there is a long and dangerous journey. While your priests travel to this newfound city, battles still rage on in the land of Kemet. New creatures rally to your cause as you use powerful magic objects and unleash the dark forces of the black pyramids...

Game contain:
4 two-sided boards representing the path to Ta-Seti
16 black Power tiles
5 black Pyramids
5 Buy a black power action space tiles
3 Creatures
6 Mercenaries
15 Priest figurines (3 per player)
3 golden and 1 silver Action tokens
12 new Divine Intervention cards
36 Path to Ta-Seti tokens
15 two-sided Dawn tokens
3 Temporary powers from the path to Ta-Seti tokens
10 new Battle Cards (2 per player)
6 Ta-Seti Victory Point tokens
4 double-sided Double-Edged Dagger Victory Point tokens
1 Index of Powers, Cards, Skills, Objects and Bonuses