Bunny Kingdom: In The Sky Expansion

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Who knows for sure whether the key to success lies on land or in the sky?
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Designer Richard Garfield
Year 2019
Number of Players 2-5 Players
Time 40-60 Minutes
Ages 14+
Mechanics Area Control/Area Influence, Card Drafting
Theme Animals, Medieval, Territory Building
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On cloud nine...

Ever since the mysterious Great Cloud was spotted above the New World, the Bunny Barons have been competing to claim floating territory and bring back Wondrous Resources for the Bunny King.

Set up outposts on the bountiful Great Cloud, use Sky Towers and Rainbows to connect your floating Fiefs to your possessions on the ground, govern yoru Districts so that Trade can flourish, build Carrotadels throughout the kingdom... the choice is yours. There are many paths to victory, as long as you keep your head in the clouds!

Bunny Kingdom: In the Sky includes a number of changes and updates to the base game, including:

  • Rainbows: Much like the Sky Towers of the original games, Rainbows allow you to link your land-lock fiefs to ones on the Great Cloud, with the added benefit of being able to move the end of the rainbow from round to round. 
  • Chimneys: Bountiful harvests from the sky! Chimneys allow you to incorporate basic resources from your Great Cloud fief into any of your landbound fiefs!
  • Carrotadels: These massive sky palaces confer a power of 5 to your fief, but only so long as you don't have too many cities...
  • Wondrous Resources: 12 unique resources that can only be found on the Great Cloud.
  • Trade Points: Coins and new Ability cards introduce a Trade Points phase, where the coins you earn and the luxury and wondrous resources you produce are worth even more points!
  • Districts: When is a fief not a district? Districts are a new specification for any fief that contains two or more rabbits. Creating a district makes the tax collectors happy, and gives you coins that will benefit you when calculating your Trade Points!

Who knows for sure whether the key to success lies on land or in the sky?

This expansion for Bunny Kingdom requires the base game to play.

• A set of blue rabbits to allow plays with 5 players. 
• New cities game pieces with more towers. 
• A new game board that expand the possibilities of play. 
• New game mechanics and interactions with the existing board.

• 86 Rabbit figurines 
• 7 City figurines 
• 1 Great Cloud game board 
• 20 Building tokens 
• 30 Coin tokens 
• 50 Exploration cards 
• 1 Rulebook