1000 pcs - Kyoto Japanese Garden Teahouse

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Relax into this serene scene and partake in the fine art of tea ceremony in Ravensburger's “Kyoto Japanese Garden Teahouse” puzzle!
Cut Style Ribbon Cut
Piece Size Standard Size
Assembled Size 48cm x 68cm
Artist Jason Taylor

Picture yourself in these exotic surroundings with the soothing sounds of flowing water and a spicy floral fragrance filling your senses. You notice the koi pond and placid peacocks as you make your way from the house. Taking the roji (dewy path) to the garden pavilion or tea house (cha-shitsu) starts your journey of breaking communication from the outer world in this Zen practice dating back to the 16th century. Let the stress melt away as you piece together this vibrant, relaxing puzzle!

High quality materials and inks come together to create a puzzle that will almost force you to zen out. A puzzle that is both relaxing and beautiful to look at!