Zombicide 2nd Edition - Zombies & Companions Upgrade Kit

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Upgrade your classic zombies and companions to 2nd edition.
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The Zombies and Companions Upgrade Kit allows players to update all of the special types of zombies and companions that came out in the original three seasons of Zombicide. These cards have been updated with 2nd edition layouts and rules, including more zombies per card and Zombie Rushes scattered throughout.

-Familiar Foes: The set includes upgrade cards for Toxic Zombies, Berserker Zombies, Skinner Zombies, Seeker Zombies, Dogz, Crowz, VIP Zombies, and Lost Zombivors

-Friendly Faces: It also has cards for Dog Companions and Human Companions, so not everything is out to get you.

-All the cards are updated to 2nd Edition, in both layout and rules. The backs have been made so they share it with regular Zombicide 2nd Edition cards, so they can be mixed in right away.

-This is an expansion. A copy of the following is required to play: Zombicide 2nd Edition