Zen Bins Plastic Dice Storage Clear 3-Pack Trays Only (For Dice Masters & Quarriors)

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***Requires lids, sold separately.
Collectible Dice and Game Storage (CDGS) solution for use with Dice Masters and Quarriors sized dice (13.5mm). Each tray holds 50 dice and approximately 80 unsleeved or 40 sleeved cards.
This 3-Pack holds a total of 100 collectible dice and approximately 160 unsleeved cards (or 80 standard card game size sleeved). The top layer serves as the lid but you can purchase more trays and keep stacking and it turns into a tray as well. This makes it so 2 sets (6 trays) will increase your storage capacity to hold 250 dice and 400 unsleeved (200 sleeved cards).

3 Transparent Clear Interlocking Stackable High Quality Molded Plastic Trays