Wings Of War Game Hit And Run Blister Pack

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Here we go into the wild blue yonder with the latest expansions for Wings of War battles set in the period of World War I!

This Booster Pack has been designed to provide a cost effective way to fly large numbers of planes, engaging in even larger battles with ease. The planes in these latest Booster Pack expansions are brand new to the game, and are an easy solution to bring even more excitement to your Wings of War gaming experience!

This Booster Pack is not a complete game. At least one copy of Famous Aces, Watch your Back!, Burning Drachens is required to play.

The Hit and Run booster pack will allow you to pilot two famous fighter planes: the SPAD VII and the Aviatik D.I. These fast but powerful airplanes were piloted by some of the immortal aces of World War I, such as Francesco Baracca and Georges Guynemer. The Hit and Run Booster Pack is composed of 31 airplane cards and 2 decks of Maneuver cards (B and Q)