When Darkness Comes: This Is Not Happening Expansion

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Welcome to the machine!

Jim yawned sleepily as the computer flickered to life. He entered his password and waited for the news of the day to come streaming into the machine. The screen went dark and Jim sipped his coffee. Suddenly, the darkened room was filled with a bright orange color as the screen leapt to life. This is odd Jim thought, but he paid little attention assuming his machine had been briefly commandeered by a spammer. The screen went black again.

Words began to appear on the monitor."Thank you for your participation."
"We have worked very hard to implement our operation."
"It is gratifying to know that hard working people such as yourself are willing to help our cause."
"Now please sit back, relax, and take satisfaction in the knowledge that you have been an integral part of opening salvo of..."

Now it's your job to stop it!This Expansion for the "When Darkness Comes..." Variable Tile System, Roleplaying Boardgame takes the game into the Cyber/Dream world. Be careful as you explore these worlds. Nothing here is really what it seems and even the most mundane objects could be out to kill you!

On the plus side, you do seem to have super human abilities...

Requires the "When Darkness Comes..." base game to play.