Upon A Fable

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The fairy tale strategy board game.
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Designer Mark C. MacKinnon
Year 2013
Number of Players 1-6 Players
Time 60 Minutes
Ages 13+
Mechanics Card Drafting, Modular Board, Set Collection, Worker Placement

Once upon a time the myriad Fairy Tale lands were in their infancy.

Grand Rulers both benevolent and malicious sought to expand their holdings of magical realms, attracting the powerful and influential fables - royal overseers, natural leaders, and enchanted creatures - to unite under their banners.

As their domains expanded so too did the stories of the fables' amazing exploits and adventures, which blessed the realms with the bountiful wonder of magic, love, honour, loyal followers, and majestic castles.

All the rulers saw their fortunes and glory rise, but only the greatest of them all would be declared the High Emperor or Empress over all the Fairy Tale lands.


  • 3 double-sided story boards
  • 6 player realm boards
  • 110 game cards (86 fate, 9 story, 9 blessing/curse, 6 player)
  • 207 cardboard tokens
  • 12 page colour rulebook
  • 1 plastic component game
  • 12 plastic storage bags
  • 1 score pad and 1 pencil