Unearth: The Lost Tribe Expansion

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Unearth: The Lost Tribe introduces players to the Lost Tribe of Delvers. Mentioned only in tales and whispers, the Lost Tribe was said to have accidentally unleashed the Darkness on the Delver's world. Only rumors of their existence have survived. Now the Darkness is returning, and the Lost Tribe has emerged from their hidden canyon retreats to lead the fight against the Darkness again.

Three expansion in one, The Lost Tribe dramatically expands the replayability of Unearth and provides terrific value to gamers faced with an increasingly crowded gaming shelf. The three expansions include:

1. An enhanced two to four-player game: New ruins, new wonders, new Delver cards, and all new, colorless stones dramatically change the Unearth base game.

2. A five player expansion: New ruins and new dice allow the inclusion of a fifth player in the base game.

3. A Solo version: The challenging solo campaign, Against the Darkness, pits a single player against an ever growing Darkness. Unique rules and seven different scenarios provide continued replayability.

Unearth: The Lost Tribe continues Brotherwise's trend of offering huge value and playability at a low price point. Responding to continued requests from Unearth fans, we've even included a plastic mini of the adorable Delvers that have helped make Unearth so visual iconic. Unearth: The Lost Tribe comes in a disposable tuckbox; all components (but the included mini) can be contained in the base game box.