Tree-It Yourself for the Holidays

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Surprise yourself this Christmas.....
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You deserve to tree-it yourself for the holidays. Put this under the tree and taunt yourself until the holidays!

Each tree-it package comes gift wrapped with $220.00 worth of games or more for only $79.95.

You'll get 4 to 5 games in each package. Each package has one core game with a retail value between $65 and $80 before tax, each core game with a BGG rating between 6.9 and 8.0  The core game alone almost pays for the package!

All prices are based on the suggested retail price at which we normally sell the games.

These are only available online. 

There are no expansions in these goodie boxes unless they come with the base game. And there were only 2 goodie boxes with a core game and expansion. The vast majority of the core games (98%) that were used in the goodie box are the following:

Clans of Caledonia
Stuffed Fables
Kepler 3042
Flick em Up Dead of Winter
Pixie Queen

The other 3 -4 games on the box make up the balance of the $220 retail value. Over 600 different games were used to pack our 156 goodie boxes. Please note this is based on our retail value and not Amazon or any other online store.

There is a limit of two boxes per customer address, but four per customer if shipping to multiple gift addresses; you can buy a maximum of two for yourself, or you can buy four and ship them to relatives.

Each box is wrapped in different holiday paper so we can make sure you do not get the same core game.

All sales are final. All of the games have the barcode struck out. There is no particular theme to any box. Emphasis was placed on variety as much as possible.