Torg Eternity RPG: Core Rules

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The storm has a name...
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The "High Lords", cruel tyrants from othe realities, have joined together to conquer Earth and steal its living energy: it's Possibilities! Where they invade the world changes, forming realms governed by the rules of alien realities. 

But Earth is not defenseless against this onslaught. Some heroes absorb the raw Possibility Energy the High Lords covet and become "Storm Knights" - beings who can bend reality to their will. They use magic, technology, miracles, and even super powers against the High Lords and their endless minions. 

The Delphi Council needs you, Storm Knight, to protect our reality and fight back against the High Lords!

Inside You'll Find:

  • Everything you need to create powerful heroes from any of the cosms, including Core Earth!
  • Rules for cinematic combat, thrilling chases, and traversing shifting realities;
  • The history of the first 90 days of the Possibility Wars, and maps of the current situation;
  • Details for all seven invading cosms, each with its own unique flavor and foes.