Thunderstone Quest

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A maiden is rescued, an dthe heroes return to the keep having stopped the vile kidnappers. But not all is as it seems...
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Gather your party and face daunting quests to retrieve the ancient relics, and power artefacts that will unlock the mystery. Thunderstone Quest is the latest edition of the classic deck-building adventure game.

Featuring all new heroes and monsters, Thunderstone Quest introduces many new and streamlined mechanics that add challenges and ease of play. With unique quests, dungeons rooms and monster groups that can be swapped and interchanged, there are a near limitless variety of challenges.


156 Basic Component Cards

2 Quests each with 246 cards, 6 dungeon room tiles, randomizers, and dividers

1 Village Board

4 Player Boards

140 Wooden Tokens

5 Six-sided dice

1 Rulebook

1 Questbook

6 Plastic Miniatures

1 Wilderness Tile