Talon Expansion Talon 1000

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Talon 1000 is a dependant expansion for the game Talon
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Talon 1000 is a dependant expansion for the game Talon.  Talon is a tactical game of space fleet combat between the Terran Confederation and the invading Talon Empire.  It is a quick playing game with simple, but not simplistic rules that innovatively allows you to play large space fleet battles quickly.  By keeping all of the information in front of you on the board, it enables you to have lots of choices and interesting decisions without the brain burn.

Why is it named Talon 1000?

The expansion is called Talon 1000 because it adds over 1000 scenarios to the game of Talon.  With 4 sheets of expansion counters, most of which have ships printed on both sides, the game comes with ~130 new ships.  For comparison, the base game came with a total of 54 ships.  Some of the new counters are increased numbers of the current ship types, but many of them are additional ship designs with different weapon load outs and configurations.  This gives a wide array of point values which makes scenario balancing easy.