Tadmor - Palmyra: The Bride of the Desert

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In Tadmor players take the role of rich merchants based in Palmyra.

They will increase in power and prestige by expanding their trading routes and by contributing to the political and religious life of the city.

In the game, a merchant's success is measured in Prestige Points. The winning merchant is the one who scores the most points at the end of the game.

1 Game Board (2 players on the back)
4 Personal boards
1 Rulebook (English)
1 Scoring note pad
48 Improvements tiles
36 Rare goods tiles
7 Marauders cards
8 Tower cards
16 Temple cards
26 King's Mission cards
4 Play aid cards
20 Camels (in four colors)
16 Ships (in four colors)
4 PP indicators (in four colors)
1 First Player pawn
1 Turn indicator pawn
20 Tower cubes
20 Wood
20 Stone
20 Marble
20 Gold