Superfight: Superbox Storage Unit

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First there was the CORE DECK.
Then there were five expansions.

Then we lost count.

We ran out of space in our closet and kept our cards in an old pizza box. But now the pain can stop.

Introducing The Superbox!

With three separate channels to hold over 1800 cards, you'll be able to fit your entire collection of Superfight and still have room for expansions from the future that don't even exist yet!

You'll also receive a set of 20 SUPERCARDS exclusive to this box.

And on top of that you'll get 20 double-sided score keeping tokens so that you can keep track of points in style.

But that's not all! You'll also find six blank Superfight-sized deck boxes that you can use as spacers to keep your cards from sliding around like peasants. Wow!

!!Not a stand-alone. Requires Superfight Core Deck to play!!