Battle Foam Star Wars X-Wing with Wave 3 Foam Kit for the P.A.C.K. 216 (BF)

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Battle foam tray for Star Wars: X-Wing.
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In this kit, you will receive two trays that fit the the game pieces from the Star Wars X-Wing board game. This kit fits perfectly in a P.A.C.K. 216 bag. This foam kit does not fit in the game box and does not come with a foam topper.

Note: This item in not on our retail floor and can take up to four days to retrieve from our off-sight storage facility.

The first tray will hold the following:

4 X-Wing
2 Y-Wing
4 A-Wing
2 B-Wing
1 Millennium Falcon
2 HWKs
7 TIE Fighters
4 TIE Interceptors
4 TIE Advanced
3 TIE Bombers
1 Slave I
1 Lambda-class Shuttle

The second tray will hold the following:

Damage Cards
Upgrade Cards
Pilot Cards
Ship Pegs
Target Locks
Tokens and Templates
Ship Base Inserts
Ship Bases
Maneuver Dials
Measuring and Maneuver Templates

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Tray Dimensions: 15.5W x 12L" (394W x 305L mm). Kit equals out to 4 total inches (100 mm) of foam.