Squishable Mini Fennec Fox 7"

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"Write a cute description for the Fennec Fox," they told me. "It's such an incredibly adorable little furball - a tiny little desert-pup with cuddly fur and gigantic ears," they said. "Just fawn over that for a couple of paragraphs, and try to work in a reference to lollipops or something!" they said.

"I have a great idea," I replied. "Fennec Foxes are the national animal of Algeria. I have some great puns based on the 1966 black-and-white film The Battle of Algiers! Think of all the zingers I can make if you let me assume everyone in the market for a plush Fennec has memorized a half-century-old foreign language movie!"

I've been overruled. Apparently if I make one more unnecessarily obscure reference in a Squishable product description, it's back to spreadsheets for me. So, umm, hug this cute widdle Fennec Fox! Lollipops! 7 squishy inches of come on, it's a cinematic classic! All new polyester fiber, ages 3 and up only!