Scary Tales: Little Red Vs Pinocchio

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  • 55 Playing Cards
  • 7 Custom Dice
  • Instructions


The bards have sung of Scary Tales in the kingdoms of old. The king has died, leaving no heirs, and all has fallen into shadow. The enchanted forest is feared. The castle is covered in dark clouds. Evil has crept into the lives of the townsfolk, and the corruption has affected them all.

She's a scorned girl on a mission to prove that you may be able to fool her once, but you can't fool her twice! He's a fibbing, scheming puppet that won't let you pull his strings. They both want to rule over the land, and they've got the drive to win.

With the help of their companions, the Woodsman and the Cricket, each of them will be tough to beat.
Will the kingdom thrive under the rule of either of these challengers? A battle of enormous proportions awaits!

Battle your opponents by rolling the dice, in an attempt to win these relics for your own! Only those with the utmost abilities in Strength, Wisdom, Magic and Luck will prove themselves worthy of being the new leader. Fairies and other creatures may help you in your quest, but with Relic Alignment and other surprises, the fight to find and acquire the legendary relics will be fierce... let the battle begin!