Punct (old GIPF Project #5)

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PUNCT is a connection game: the goal is to link two opposite sites.
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Designer Kris Burm
Year 2005
Number of Players 2 Players
Time 30 Minutes
Ages 10+
Mechanics Grid Movement, Network and Route Building
Game Video

PUNCT is a connection game: the goal is to link two opposite sites.
On your turn, you either bring a new piece into play, or you move a piece that is already on the board. The more pieces you bring into play, the more possibilities you have to make a connection. But each time you put a new piece on the board, you reveal a bit of what your plan is.

The trick is to place your pieces in such a way that your opponent will expect you to do something different from what you really have in mind. As such, PUNCT is not only about making a connection, but also about misleading your opponent! You'll have to proceed subtle!

GIPF is not only the name of a game, but of a project as well. This project concerns a group of games and extra pieces that will follow step by step. Each game of the project will be playable either separately, or, by means of extra pieces, in combination with GIPF. It concerns a system that makes winning or losing GIPF-related games a strategic factor of the game GIPF itself.

19 White Pieces
19 Black Pieces
1 Game Board
1 Rulebook

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