Pretending to Grownup

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Designer Jason Anarchy
Year 2017
Number of Players 2-4
Time 30 Min
Ages 13+
Mechanics Trick-taking
Theme Fantasy Humour
Game Video

Are you technically a grownup but don't feel like it?

Pretending to Grownup is a casual card game with 100 unique cards featuring common grownup situations. You can face these problems or use the power of your imagination to bend the rules.

Throughout the game you'll see which player is the most grownup by using the only three resources at a Grownup's disposal: time, money and energy.

However you can get a Unipegasaurus card which helps you bend the rules of being a grownup by using your imagination. (Uni-pega-saur-us). Included in the game is an adorable, wooden unipegasaurus meeple, referred to in the game as "The Daydream Token".

All of the artwork is done by Megan McKay of webcomic Doodle for Food.

Pretending to Grownup also features a 32 card bonus deck that includes guest illustrations from some of the Internet's best webcomics.

Base Game of 100 Unique Cards
32 Bonus Cards drawn by guest artists
12 wooden "unipegasaurus" token
1 Rulebook