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Enter the world of Arydia and with your group, overcome the challenges and obtain the loot that is up for grabs! Level up your characters, defend harder monsters, and grab legendary loot!
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Designer Cody Miller
Year 2023
Number of Players 1–4 Players
Time 60–120 Min
Mechanics Cooperative Game Dice Rolling Modular Board Role Playing Solo / Solitaire Game
Theme Adventure Dice Exploration Fantasy
Game Video

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An open world, campaign based, cooperative fantasy role playing board game for 1-4 players. All miniatures come Pre-Painted!

60+ Prepainted Miniatures
Large overworld and area maps
Loot and treasure chests

The publisher is providing the retailers with all unlocked stretch goals.

Arydia is played as a campaign, over the course of a number of game sessions; you start each session right where you left off! As you play, the game keeps track of your actions and decisions.

Take on the roles of a wide cast of characters as you encounter them throughout your journeys. Step into the shoes of a disgruntled shop owner, sniffling brat, or a poorly-dressed bandit leader. The incentive-based role play system encourages you to engage in dramatic storytelling, without being intrusive.

Arydia is an open world to explore as you wish. Make your way across the world map, discovering new locations, interacting with memorable characters, fighting vicious monsters, and scavenging long-lost treasures