**PRE-ORDER** Sagrada: Glory The Great Facades Expansion

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Arriving approximately sometime in August 2022
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Return to the famous Sagrada Familia cathedral in Sagrada: Glory, the third and final of the Great Facades expansions. This modular expansion explores the thrill of competition and rivalry—add everything inside or handpick modules to enhance your crafting experience.

Sagrada: Glory introduces new options to test your artisanal skills! All new Strife Dice are now available in addition to the drafting pool with restrictions on their placement. Be the first to achieve new objectives with Pioneer Cards, and be rewarded for your unique style with the private objectives in the Flourish Module.


  • Strife Boards 
  • 18 Gray Strife Dice (12 mm)
  • 12 Strife Tool Cards (63 x 88.5 mm)
  • 12 Flourish Cards (63 x 88.5 mm)
  • 15 Pioneer Objective Cards (63 x 88.5 mm)
  • Rivalry Public Objective Cards (62 x 88.5 mm)
  • Strife Publish Objective Cards(62 x 88.5 mm)
  • Rulebook