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Are you clever enough to create full sentences out of a pool of only 250 words? While that sounds like a lot, the English language has 171,146 words. Good Luck!
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Designer Evan Katz, Josh Roberts
Year 2021
Number of Players 3-6 Players
Time 30-90 Minutes
Ages 17+
Mechanics Player Judge, Turn Order: Progressive
Theme Party Game Word Game
Game Video

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Meet Ransom Notes, the game of hilariously terrible sentences! Players use word magnets to respond to outlandish prompts like “Tell someone you’ve clogged their toilet at a party” with just their limited pool of words. With 250 absurd prompt cards and a new pool of words every time, this party game has infinite hilarious combinations and feels fresh every time you play. Learn to play in under one minute, and even the shyest players will be creating laugh-out-loud word magnet responses right away. For 3-6 players, but equally hilarious when larger groups team up together. 30-90 min play time. A funny party game gift for adult game night, family game nights, bachelorette parties


  • 840 high quality word magnets
  • 6 metal submission cards
  • 250 prompt cards
  • Instructions