**PRE-ORDER** Medieval Farm Miniature Terrain Collection

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A collection of common farm animals, farm buildings, and vehicles form the core of this set. Oxen pulling plows, chickens in their roost, and pigs in a pen are all common sights on a farm. Scaled to fit seamlessly into your favorite standard-size fantasy tabletop RPGs, their highly detailed, pre-painted sculpts give players a great jumping-off point for telling their story.


4 Wattle fence
3 Chickens
2 Cows
2 Farmer’s shed
2 Haystack
2 Oxen
2 Wattle fence gate

1 Animal shed
1 Chicken coup
1 Hitching post
1 Horse
1 Manger
1 Pig
1 Pile of chopped wood
1 Plow
1 Sack of grain
1 Sack of spilled grain
1 Trough
1 Well
1 Wheelbarrow
1 2-Wheeled cart