Pokemon Master Trainer Black Box Edition (Used)

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Can you catch the most powerful Pokemon and become the new Master Trainer?
Designer Koichi Ooyama, Bill Sabram
Year 1999
Number of Players 2-6
Time 45 Min
Ages 7+
Mechanics Roll/Spin and Move
Theme Pokemon

This is a used game that is complete and in good condition. This may be a stock photo for the game and not a recent image.  Please contact us for more details, and you may also text us at 1-866-379-1055.


ON your quest, travel from Pallet Town to Indigio Plateau, battling and defeating every other Pokemon trainer you meet on the way.  You'll search for rare Pokemon in the Unknown Dungeon, and use Poke balls to catch 'em.  Special cards will quickly change your fate.  Catch an entire Pokemon Evolution Group for maximum attack strength.  When you collect the ultimate Pokemon team and beat a Pokemon Master, you'll be the new Master Trainer! 


  • 1 Game board map of Pokemon World 
  • 150 Pokemon Chips 
  • 5 Rival Cards 
  • 1 Storage Tray 
  • 54 Item Cards 
  • 6 Ash Movers 
  • 2 Dice